Urbana Elementary Schools

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary school has a culturally rich climate and is home to 40 different native languages with staff providing some academic instruction in four languages outside English. The renovated facilities and new modern gymnasium provides space for the larger King community.

King Elementary | 1108 W. Fairview Ave.
217.384.3675 | www.usd116.org/king

Leal Elementary is located in the state street area of west Urbana, and is home to one of the District’s two Spanish dual language sites. With upgraded facilities, the historic school is known for providing differentiated instruction that meets the needs of all students.

Leal Elementary | 312 W. Oregon St.
217.384.3618 | www.usd116.org/leal

Dr. Preston L. Williams Jr. Elementary shares a campus with Urbana Early Childhood in historic East Urbana’s Lierman neighborhood. The students take advantage of a new gynasium and state-of-the-art fine arts classrooms. Home to one of the District’s dual language programs, the school’s strong sense of “can-do” attitude is reflected in its students and staff.

Dr. Williams Elementary | 2102 E. Washington St.
217.384.3628 | www.usd116.org/drwilliams

Thomas Paine Elementary recently celebrated its’ 50th birthday, a proud history and promising future in Urbana education. The school, located immediately east of the Philo business district, is home to an active PTA, a strong, giving community, and active students that engage in inquiry based learning through events such as their annual science fair.

Thomas Paine Elementary | 1801 James Cherry Dr.
217.384.3602 | www.usd116.org/tpaine

Wiley Elementary stands proudly on the edge of the historic east Urbana neighborhood. Teachers and staff work with community partners to engage students in experiences that integrate the Fine Arts and traditional academic disciplines.

Wiley Elementary | 1602 S. Anderson St.
217.384.3670 | www.usd116.org/wiley

Yankee Ridge Elementary is located in the southeast neighborhood of Urbana. Yankee Ridge is known for its welcoming and respectful environment. Its graduates move on to do great things!

Yankee Ridge Elementary | 2102 S. Anderson St.
217.384.3607 | www.usd116.org/yr